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2020 Annual Appeal from Metacomet

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Have you taken a walk in the woods, watched the delicate flutter of a butterfly’s wings, or been soothed by the ripple of a light breeze on open water? These are all calming effects given to us by nature. This year the outdoors has been rediscovered as an antidote to our anxieties and we find that it lifts our spirits. The Metacomet Land Trust is pleased and proud to share our protected properties with all of you.

Our all-volunteer board works hard to leverage our limited resources to the maximum conservation extent possible. We team up with organizations that share our goals, apply for grants, encourage volunteers to help document a property’s conservation values, provide high school students with meaningful and safe volunteer roles in stewardship and vernal pool certification and work to raise money from individuals and businesses alike.

There are several large parcels in Douglas, Sutton, Upton and Uxbridge that we are currently evaluating for their conservation value and that we would love to permanently protect in 2021! To succeed, we will work closely with each  property’s owner and its community to legally transfer and record its deed and/or a conservation restriction. On average, we need $3,000 per property for acquisition costs including title searches, engineered surveys, legal counsel, recording fees, and baseline conservation documentation.

The more successful we are at conserving land to share with you, the more it costs. Accordingly, your support is greatly needed. Can you help us make all of this happen by donating today?

Your support will go far to make the permanent conservation of critical habitat and beautiful open space a reality where we all live. Please use the handy tear-off below to send us your donation. Better yet, come on over to our secure giving page here on our website. Donations over $25 will bring you membership through December 2021.

Wishing you good health! In conservation,

Lisa Mosczynski, President

P.S. The 2020 CARES Act gives taxpayers who do not itemize a $300 per person charitable deduction! 

P.P.S. If you are donating through PayPal or Facebook, please be sure to give us your mailing address and your preferred email.