Metacomet Land Trust PO Box 231 Franklin, MA 02038

2018 Silent Auction to Benefit Land Trust

Please join us for the 2018 Annual Meeting and Program on Sunday, April 8th, at the Douglas Municipal Center. At the program, our generous friends and members have donated the following items for our Silent Auction. All proceeds go directly to support our annual operating budget which allows the land trust to continue to protect land and natural habitat in the region we serve!

Backyard Safari & Biological Census – 2018 Limited Edition!

Metacomet is offering a new program for property owners who want to learn more about their own backyard or natural land. This Backyard Safari will give you a wildlife survey of your special natural place. If you’re curious about the fauna and flora of your unique parcel, you’re in luck! Our team proposes to make several visits to your property in exchange for a generous donation. In honor of our 30th year, our dedicated crew of nature enthusiasts and professionals will, at your direction, visit your 1-3 acre plot eight times; or a 4-9 acre plot five times; or any larger terrain for at least three visits during the year. We are happy to arrangements for larger parcels. From ferns to flycatchers, lichens to lilies, mushrooms to mayflies, a digital record with descriptions of all the natural discoveries we make throughout the year will be yours as a thank you for your generous donation.
Minimum Bid: $300

Custom Guided Nature Walk led by Doug Williams

Board member Doug Williams offers your choice of a bird walk or a walk that focuses on exploring a landscape for clues to the past. Every landscape has clues to its past use, some are obvious like stone walls and cut stumps and others are not quite so obvious. These walks can take place either on Metacomet properties or perhaps your own favorite open space or parkland property you want to take a walk on.
Retail Value: “Priceless!”
Minimum Bid: $100

Experience Blackstone – Personalized Guided Historical Tour

Thomas J Bik, former chairman of Blackstone Historical Commission and editor of “Blackstone Town History, celebrating its 150th anniversary of the Town’s incorporation in 1845.” A first edition of Blackstone town history through 1995, one of Tom’s personal collection of books, will be donated to the highest bidder. The book is no longer publicly available, and only a limited number were produced in 1995. Plus, Tom will guide you to places in Blackstone that are of interest to you, telling the story and history as you go. Areas and points of interest to consider; The Blackstone Gorge and Rolling Dam, the 18 Mile Marker of the Blackstone Canal, Factory Pond and Head Gate Dam, Blackstone viaduct, Triade Bridge and Seven Steel Railroad bridges, the Blackstone Bikeway, Blackstone Canal and Locks, and much more to choose from. More than can be seen in one day. “Whatever you’re interested in,” Tom says. “Mill sites and textile factories, the Blackstone River and Canal, the Blackstone Gorge, churches, cemeteries, rail roads, the Blackstone Bike path, early history of settlement before the factories or a circa 1700 agricultural farm. Your choice!” A tour can be designed around your interest and your choice of transportation (auto, bicycle, walking, even canoe). Tour duration 1 1/2 to 6 hours with a suggested group size of 1 to 5 people. Time, dates, and details to be arranged with highest bidder. Retail Value: “Priceless!”
Minimum bid $125.

Furnace Tune-Up: Oil heating equipment cleaned and tuned

Have your oil-fired heating equipment, boiler, furnace, or oil fired hot water heater cleaned, tuned, efficiency-tested, and evaluated by a highly experienced oil burner technician with over forty years experience. Work to include new oil filter, nozzle and pump-strainer cleaning, and tuning of oil burner components. Including electrodes, fan, air gate, oil pump, oil line, transformer, burner motor, and brushing and vacuuming of heating appliance. Service to end with a combustion efficiency test, evaluation of heating equipment, and any recommendations. Work will take approximately two hours and can be done on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday at your choice of day and time.  Minimum bid $125 per cleaning. Will do multiple units, or do additional cleaning for any other bidders for the price of the winning bid.

One Hour “Easy Walk” Guided by Marjorie Turner Hollman, author of “Easy Walks in Massachusetts” including an autographed copy of the book.

Marjorie will introduce you to one of the easy walking trails featured in the 2nd edition of her book. Trails throughout our area from Franklin to Northbridge, including Douglas and Grafton. Marjorie has field-tested more than 50 trails in 16 towns. 240-page book includes trail maps, directions, and comments on these open space locations. Her detailed information will help guide you to a safe trail that is matched to your comfort level when walking outdoors. Retail value of the book alone is $22. Walk to be scheduled at a mutually agreed time and date.
Minimum Bid: $50.00

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Museum Passes (4)

Donated by Board Member Michael Angelo Rodriguez, four one-day adult admission passes to the Museum Fine Arts Boston. Enjoy current and upcoming exhibitions, including the Dutch and Flemish Painting show closing May 18th; M.C. Escher closes May 28th; and Mark Rothko, closes Sept 3rd. Passes expire 12/31/2018. Retail value $100.
Minimum Bid: $50

New Environmental Books:

Board Member Ann Hanscom has donated two new books about environmental issues. Ann reports that “Both books are full of optimism, that problems are eminently solvable.”

  • “Inheritors of the Earth” by Chris D. Thomas – Ann describes this book as “the story of how plants we consider evil are actually increasing diversity and contributing adaptive solutions.” Retail Value: $28.00. Minimum Bid: $10
  • “Beyond the War on Invasive Species: A Permaculture Approach to Ecosystem Management” by Tao Orion Retail Value: $22.95. Minimum Bid: $10

Custom Quilted Table Runner (36” to 53” long)

Choose your own colors and size for your dining room! Susan Speers will make a table runner similar to the sample for your table or sideboard. Choose a season, a holiday, or colors to match your favorite table setting. Approximately 12-15” wide; 4-6 fabrics will be used. Machine pieced and quilted. Machine washable and dryable. Four months delivery time (by August 1st). Approximate Retail Value: $45.00
Minimum Bid: $30.00

Earth Day Miniature Quilt

Display or hang this miniature quilt every year for Earth Day, April 20th. Machine pieced and quilted by Susan Speers. Play “I Spy” with kids or grandkids to find insects, animals, fish and plants hidden in the different fabrics. Approximate Retail Value: $35.00
Minimum Bid: $20.00

Homemade Breads

Board Member Larry Rettman is offering fresh, homemade cranberry breads to take home to your family. Retail Value $10 each. Minimum Bid: $5 each.

Artwork and Photography by Patrice Murphy

Board member Patrice Murphy, a visual artist who has captured the beauty of Mendon’s natural areas, again will offer notecards featuring her interpretations of Great Blue Heron nests and other scenes she finds in Mendon’s preserved conservation lands. Retail Value: Priceless. Minimum Bid: $10 per set of five cards.

Metacomet Photo Mouse Pad

Remember the land trust when you’re indoors at your computer! 8”x9” photo mouse pad for your desk with scenes of Metacomet site walks and events! Retail Value: $12.99  Minimum Bid: $5.00

Thank you to all of our generous donors!