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A Landowner’s Observations

The owners of Foxfire Farm carefully time mowing to allow butterflies and birds to use the meadow.

Life on a Conserved Property

We are privileged to meet many landowners who have a deep and abiding understanding of the land they have stewarded for years. The more time one can spend living and watching the cycles of nature in one particular place, the greater awareness you gain. Over the years that Ann and John Hanscom have owned their Uxbridge property, Ann has used her observations to write articles, essays, and poetry as well as photograph their farm. Here are some of the essays Ann has offered to Metacomet about Foxfire Farm and the world around us.

December 2020: Relishing The Unexpected

The cycle of nature and the inter-relationships among the life she sees at Foxfire Farm.

The magnificent trees at Foxfire Farm are the subject of her late September essay.

Lessons from Spring Birds, July 2020.

All essays are Copyright by Ann Hanscom.