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Metacomet Land Trust Biodiversity Safaris

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In 2018, Metacomet launched a new program to study the plants and animals on a single property each year. We’re currently investigating the healthy ecosystems of one of the privately owned conserved properties where we have been engaged with the landowners since 2000, Foxfire Farm in Uxbridge.

This wildlife survey is taking place with the help of our volunteer naturalists, who are visiting the property five times from May through September, each visit focusing on one type of animal or niche in the natural world.  We invite members and friends to join us on these visits as part of our educational outreach.

Property owner Ann Hanscom is writing about our results and her own observations of life at Foxfire Farm. Ann is a keen observer of the world in which we live and is eager to have more people share our experience. Ann and John Hanscom are steadfast conservationists and Ann is also a member of our Board of Directors. “I hope having these stories available stirs up  interest in what the land trust offers, and will show some of the benefits of saving land,” Ann says. “I hope people want to be present on the land and see that a Conservation Restriction has a public benefit.”

Below are the articles Ann has written about the biodiversity survey and a concurrent bird banding project this season.

In May, Ann and our team did an early morning (very early – 5:30 a.m.!) bird walk with a tally of 57 species seen and/or heard! This is just a taste of what’s coming! We’ve shared the tally of this bird count at e-bird where you can see it!

Her first summary is available here and her second post, about Bird Banding now underway at Foxfire, is available here. Ann’s comments will also be shared on our Facebook page.

The second bird banding visit “netted” a beautiful flicker, among other species. Here are Ann’s thoughts.

The third bird banding introduces us to the Brown-Headed Cowbird and Ann’s commentary on the many, varied strategies which birds and other animals use to survive

August has brought young birds into the bird banding nets – while their parents are now more cautious! Read Ann’s latest blog here!

The July 31st banding visit brought more young birds into the nets – Chipping Sparrows and Catbirds.  

orachard oriole in hand - bird banding - Uxbridge 2018Ann’s growing list of essays on the natural world reflect on her observations at Foxfire Farm! Please browse the links below!

The cycle of nature and the inter-relationships among the life she sees at Foxfire Farm.

The magnificent trees at Foxfire Farm are the subject of her late September essay.


If you are interested in inviting MLT naturalists to study your property in 2019, please write or call the land trust at (508) 271-7131 or info at metacometlandtrust dot org.