Metacomet Land Trust PO Box 231 Franklin, MA 02038

Metacomet’s Land Acquisition Criteria

The following issues will be considered by the Board Members of Metacomet Land Trust as we evaluate each potential land project:

Feasibility / Functional Considerations

  • Level of threat
  • Community support / financial do-ability
  • Landowner cooperation / clear title
  • Hazardous waste / safety and liability concerns
  • Long-term management considerations

Natural Resource Considerations

  • Adjacent to or nearby protected lands, adds to conservation land continuity
  • Uncommon communities and habitats, rare species occurrences
  • Wildlife habitat / general ecosystem values
  • Water resources – wetlands, aquifers, headwaters/watershed protection, riparian corridors
  • Statewide important soils (such as prime agricultural soils), unique geology or landforms

Cultural Resource Considerations

  • Environmental education value
  • Historical / archaeological value
  • Scenic value
  • Contributes to community rural character
  • Potential for recreational use / potential for access to other protected land