Metacomet Land Trust PO Box 231 Franklin, MA 02038

How We Can Help

Private Landowners

Metacomet Land Trust is a charitable organization recognized as a 501 c 3 tax exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Donations of land and permanent deed restrictions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Sunrise on a farm We can provide information about the natural resources of your land and work with you to choose the most appropriate method to protect the land forever. As a private entity Metacomet can offer a degree of privacy to the individual landowner, especially in the early discussion of the owner’s wishes.

Even if your family needs to sell the property for income, the land trust can suggest means to reserve the highest after-tax return through careful planning. We can also refer you to experienced attorneys and/or estate planners to design the best solution for your family.


Municipal Officials

Metacomet Land Trust can assist Open Space Committees, Community Preservation Commissions and Conservation Commissions to plan and complete conservation projects.

Seal of Massachusetts

As a tax-exempt organization, we can collect, solicit, and manage private donations that can be applied to specific projects within a community or to larger projects that cross town boundaries.

Metacomet may sometimes be able to act more quickly than local or state governments when willing landowners wish to conserve their land on a fast timetable. If needed, Metacomet has taken temporary custody of land that eventually will be acquired by the state or a town.

The Trust can act as the qualified conservation organization on permanent deed restrictions, and is experienced in the drafting and monitoring of restrictions. In Massachusetts, which requires that all restrictions be approved by local and state government, this is essential. For land acquired by towns using Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds and/or state LAND grants, this third party oversight role is now required by the Commonwealth.

In Massachusetts, land trusts are qualified to assume a town’s right of first refusal in the Chapter 61 process. Given the requirements under Chapter 61, it is critical that town officials take immediate action if provided notice of a sale of Chapter 61 lands. We urge towns to maintain a ‘watch list’ of Chapter 61 lands as well as of high priority properties in your Open Space and Recreation Plan.

Concerned Citizens

In addition to those who serve on town boards or commissions, Metacomet can help support early organizing efforts by citizens working to build public support for new parks, preserves, and conservation areas. Our Board has years of experience in local government service and activism. Through our membership in the Massachusetts Land Trust Coalition, we may be able to help you make connections with others who are working on similar issues in other parts of the Commonwealth. Please write to Board President Lisa Mosczynski if you need help with a local conservation issue.

“I have been active in open space related issues in the Franklin area for almost 20 years, initially as a member of the town’s Open Space Committee, later as an early participant in development of the SNETT rail trail, and more recently working to enhance public access to Army Corps of Engineers land.  At every juncture, Metacomet has been a great source of advice and encouragement and has often been ready to consider cooperative ventures. Metacomet is one of the region’s treasures.”

— Alan Earls, Franklin, MA