Metacomet Land Trust PO Box 231 Franklin, MA 02038

Gifts of Conservation Land

If a landowner no longer wishes to own a property but hopes to keep the land undeveloped, the land may be given to Metacomet for permanent conservation as open space and wildlife habitat.

Metacomet Land Trust will accept gifts of land with/for wildlife habitat in the eleven towns of our region [future map] if the property meets our land acquisition criteria.

Metacomet’s Preserved Lands currently include properties in Sutton, Blackstone, and Franklin.

The process for donation of land is simpler than the requirements for a conservation restriction but it is a permanent relinquishment of all interest in the property.

Gifts of land to Metacomet will be held as open space forever. If there are specific uses which a donor wishes to permit or forbid, these wishes will be identified in the deed and enforced through our permanent Stewardship Program.

The gift of natural land with ecological values may qualify as a charitable donation under federal income tax rules. The value of the charitable donation must be set by an appraisal which meets the new standards of the Internal Revenue Service. The cost of this appraisal is borne by the donor.

If a property owner does not wish to donate the entire value of their land, the owner may consider a reduced-price sale (commonly called a “bargain sale”) to the town or to a state agency.

If you would like to discuss a gift of land, please contact a member of our Board or call (888) 298-7284 or email the land trust.

Please review our Landowner Checklist