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Conserve Your Land

As you consider the future of your land and the wildlife that live around you, we encourage you to consider the contribution your land makes to a healthy ecosystem. Your land — farm fields, woods, wetlands, or river frontage – provides habitat for the native plants and animals of our region and also helps keep our air and water clean. It is a lasting contribution to a healthy environment for tomorrow’s children.

Since 1988, Metacomet has worked with landowners, towns, and state agencies to permanently protect land. We currently own 350 acres of natural /undeveloped land and protect over 100 acres of privately owned land to ensure its permanent conservation. In addition, we have helped towns and state agencies to conserve another 900 acres of land that is now publicly owned as town open space, state parks and forests, and state wildlife management areas.

The three principal methods which we use to conserve land in Massachusetts are:

Conservation Restriction – a voluntary, permanent deed restriction which protects the important natural heritage values of a parcel.

Gift or Sale of land for conservation, including a sale at a reduced price.

Bequest of land or conservation restriction.

These conservation techniques may also be combined to meet the needs of the landowner or the purchasing agency. Examples
More information on Metacomet’s Land Acquisition Criteria

The gift of land or a permanent conservation restriction is a charitable gift/donation which may qualify for a federal income tax deduction. Please call Metacomet for the latest information on the charitable gift rules.

The decision to conserve your land is a serious step that must be carefully considered by your family. Please call Metacomet for guidance on the issues you may want to consider and how to learn more about the ecological value of your property. Most families should also discuss their plans with trusted family advisors, including an attorney and an accountant.

Checklist for families considering land conservation. After reviewing this checklist, please call the land trust at our toll free telephone line (888) 298-7284 or email the land trust to discuss your options.