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Bequest of Land

Just as a property owner may provide for children or heirs through a will, one who cares deeply about the environment and wildlife may donate land to a conservation organization.

If the land is no longer needed by younger family members, a bequest of land will preserve the property and maintain the wildlife habitat you have cared for over the years.

If the land includes a home or farm that family members will eventually inherit, the owner may leave instructions that a conservation restriction will be established to control the future use and development of the property.

Metacomet Land Trust worked with a Sutton landowner to accomplish his goals through his will. Dan Griffiths wanted his forest lands to be preserved forever and he also wanted to benefit his church. The solution for Mr. Griffiths was to make a bequest of the conservation restriction to Metacomet and also specify that the preserved land would then be sold and the proceeds given to his church. Mr. Griffiths’ wishes were realized and the property is now owned and managed by a caring family under the CR enforced by Metacomet.

Please discuss these options with your estate attorney and let Metacomet know of your interest in the future conservation of your property.